Street Style Paris Fashion Week F/W 2017

Paris Fashion Week F/W 2017. Here is the best street style during the fashion week in Paris F/W 2017.


Denim can do

Fashion' s rules sometimes are meant to be broken. Once seen as a fashion faux pas, denim on denim is now one of the coolest trends. Celebrities and street style stars such have been seen rocking the Canadian tuxedo in new and refreshing ways. The key to pulling off the look is balance. Break up…

To Bomber or not to Bomber? 

Bomber it is !!! The bomber jacker has emerged as the unexpected MVP on the street-style scene recently. Whether worn super-oversized with arms rolled up or shrunken ’90s-style, these guys work just as well with a slinky dress as they do with a pair of shredded jeans—and they’re also really comfortable which is always a win. Plus, a good bomber encompasses just…